Salesforce Certified DevOps Specialist question 3

This is not a real exam question. Indeed, the exam isn't even real! This is just for fun!

Salesforce Certified DevOps Specialist

3. The developers of a Salesforce team are complaining that refreshing the UAT sandbox (full sandbox) takes too much time and effort because of the high number of manual steps involved in preparing the sandbox post-refresh.

These steps include masking email addresses, deactivating certain triggers, updating custom metadata types, etc.

What 𝐭𝐰𝐨 (2) options should the DevOps Architect recommend?

1) Make use of the SandboxAfterCopy interface in Apex
2) Use nodejs and puppeteer to automate certain UI tasks
3) Develop some basic bash scripts to update the metadata (using sfdx) as per the requirements
4) Use the clone sandbox feature

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