Salesforce Certified DevOps Specialist question 2

This is not a real exam question. Indeed, the exam isn't even real! This is just for fun!

Salesforce Certified DevOps Specialist

2. Universal Containers has a 17 years old org that is riddled with technical debt, which has caused significant delays and problems in their release process. The Salesforce team is split into different units for Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Communities, and Field Service Lightning.

The Salesforce team has hired a DevOps architect to review the org and recommend a CI/CD strategy.

The DevOps architect has concluded that it will be difficult to adopt continuous integration due to poor apex test performance, a tightly coupled architecture, and a lack of visibility on the impact of changes made in the metadata.

What should a DevOps architect recommend? (Choose 2)

a) Create one git branch per business unit to allow separate release cycles
b) Look into adopting a mocking framework to mock DML calls across apex triggers
c) Create different folders inside the sfdx project to pave the way for modular development in the future
d) Recommend that all the business units adopt a common trigger framework

What do you think?

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