Videos and presentations

Videos and presentations I've made over the years.

Design Patterns for Salesforce Git Branching Strategies

I did a webinar with ApexHours about the design patterns that are common to all Git branching strategies for Salesforce.

Dreamforce '22: Design Patterns for Salesforce CI/CD

This is another version of my Dreamforce '22 session which was highly popular. You'll learn some design patterns for creating CI/CD pipelines for the org-based development model

Dreamforce '18 - Single Sign-On for Admins

My first time presenting at Dreamforce. I talk about what Single Sign-On is, and I make it super easy for anyone to understand it, not matter their skill level.

The architecture of is my flagship product. I wrote about it here.

In this session, I do a deep dive into the architecture. You'll learn about NodeJS, Heroku, the Tooling API, and much more!

London's Calling '22 - The Rise and Fall of the Dependency API

After working for two years with the Dependency API (which powers, Salesforce announced it would retire the API).

Admin User Group - Dublin, Ireland – Overview of HappySoup

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