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You probably know SalesforceBen is the biggest blog/publication for Salesforce-related content, be it news, updates on new features, or just members of the community (like you and me) sharing their knowledge.

I love writing for SalesforceBen and it's one of the best things I've done for my career. It's given me credibility, visibility, and career-changing networking opportunities.

Here are the articles that I've written so far:

Build Your Own CI/CD Pipeline in Salesforce (Using GitHub Actions) | Salesforce Ben
Learn how to create your own CI/CD pipeline (using GitHub actions) in Salesforce with this comprehensive tutorial.
11 Steps to Landing a Job in Salesforce DevOps | Salesforce Ben
Share this article...In recent years, Salesforce DevOps has exploded in popularity. Evidence of this is the rise of multiple new players in the Salesforce DevOps space; there are new websites dedicated to Salesforce DevOps, and a brand-new set of DevOps-related roles are entering the Salesforce… Rea…
Salesforce Impact Analysis: 4 Free Tools | Salesforce Ben
Share this article...Salesforce orgs can quickly grow to untold complexities. Unused fields, hundreds of record types, at least ten different “test data factory” Apex classes, workflows with duplicated logic… the list goes on! One of the main problems of dealing with this level of complexity… Read M…
Introduction to Deployment Boundaries | Salesforce Ben
Deployment Boundaries is new to the Salesforce ecosystem, but relevant to admins, developers and architects. We explore deployment boundaries in this article.
The Problem with Change Sets (And How to Solve It) | Salesforce Ben
Share this article...Salesforce change sets have enabled admins to easily move changes from sandbox to production for many years. Despite the explosion of DevOps products in the last couple of years, I know from experience that many admins still use change sets – I met… Read More

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