Not another Salesforce blog

Who am I

My name is Pablo Gonzalez. I've been in the Salesforce ecosystem for 11+ years in multiple roles such as admin, developer, and architect.

I've also presented at Dreamforce and multiple community events.

I'm also the creator of HappySoup is a fullstack Salesforce app built with Vue.js, Node.js, ES6, Bulma CSS and Heroku. At the time of this writing, it is the most popular free and open-source app for Salesforce impact analysis, with more than 1.5K monthly unique users.

Launching HappySoup literally changed my life. With it came some job opportunities that I never thought were possible, the biggest salary boost of my career, and multiple speaking opportunities at Salesforce events.

What this site is

This is not your typical Salesforce blog. This site is exclusively dedicated to learning how to launch a fullstack Salesforce app.

It includes everything from (and is not limited to):

  • Product Management (MVP, marketing, etc.)
  • Application Architecture (Heroku, Redis, Web Servers, etc.)
  • Frontend Development (CSS frameworks, VueJS, etc.)
  • Node.js (Express, etc.)
  • The Salesforce Metadata and Tooling APIs
  • How to combine multiple APIs to deliver an amazing experience
  • Even how to center a div!

What this site is not

I won't talk about the latest Salesforce certification, market trends, or how to iterate over a list of records in a Flow.

Because there are countless blogs and YouTube videos that go over these topics in great detail. Instead, I want to give you something unique:

The strategy and knowledge to build an amazing fullstack Salesforce application that can take your career to new heights.


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