A paid Salesforce blog!? Why?

It may seem outrageous that there's a fee to unlock all the articles on this microblog; after all, all Salesforce blogs are free, even trailhead!

So, let me take 5 min to explain the rationale behind this decision.

Salesforce blogs

Salesforce blogs have provided incredible value to the Salesforce ecosystem.

SalesforceBen, the most famous Salesforce blog in the world, has provided a list of the best blogs out there (aside from themselves 😉). I pretty much agree with this list and I visit many of these blogs regularly.

Many of the most popular Salesforce bloggers support themselves by selling ads space, promoted content, or using their blogs to promote other paid content such as books they've written or Udemy courses.

And they should! A lot of time is spent crafting blog articles so it is fair that the get some monetary ROI.

A problem with this support model is that the reader of the blog (you) has no saying on the quality of the content, the frequency, etc. And that's because it's free for you, so you don't really get to expect anything from it.

If a blogger suddenly stops blogging, there's nothing you can do about it. If the quality drops, you have to live with it. If they stop blogging about your favorite topic, you are going to have to find another one.

A new support model

By having the reader directly support the blogger, you have a saying.

If my articles are not good enough, you can tell me: hey Pablo, this content is BS, this is not what I'm paying for!

You can hold me accountable, and you can let me know you are not happy by canceling your subscription, something which will directly impact me.

Long story short, this model helps me make sure my content is really good.

A highly specialized microblog

The only topic of this blog is the Salesforce API and how to integrate it with a fullstack web application using traditional software engineering technologies.

I spent 2 years building and refining HappySoup.io, and while this doesn't make me an expert, it does mean I know a thing or two about building fullstack Salesforce apps, and I can talk about it for hours.

There isn't a single blog out there that specializes in this topic.

Also, all my articles are under 5 min. I want you to be able to read an article and move on with your day, while still getting value out of it. That's why it's called a microblog.

Just another medium

The Salesforce community is very used to paying for knowledge in the form of Salesforce books, Udemy courses, and mock exams (focus on force).

This is exactly the same, it's just a different medium. Think of it as an ongoing book.

When you sign up, you get 30 days for free. If you don't think the content is worth your money, you can cancel at any time.


Finally, most companies have the budget for learning and development such as online courses, books, etc. I'm sure you can speak to your manager and expense the cost of this blog.

In fact, I've created a doc template that you can send to them!

Stackforce Reimbursement Template

I hope to see you here again!

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