Mastering Salesforce DevOps: A great introduction!

I recently finished my 2nd reading of Mastering Salesforce DevOps by Andrew Davis ♾

It would be easy to let my ego run wild and proclaim myself as a DevOps expert, but I knew little about CI/CD until I read this book, and I wouldn't be able to share all the knowledge I share today if it wasn't for Andrew's incredible contribution to the Salesforce community.

I recommend this book if you are NEW to Salesforce DevOps. I think it will go down as the most authoritative book on the subject. There's everything from branching strategies to application design patterns, testing, etc. A bit long for my taste, but it really covers everything!

If you are experienced in CI/CD (like I was my 2nd time reading it), you'll find it a little too basic at times (that means you are growing!).

However, there are still some gems of information around branching strategies and releases (canary releases, branch by abstraction, etc.)

All in all, highly recommended.

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